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A highly recommended excavating contractor in Ellington, NY

A complete excavating contractor with an experienced team
Doug Rice Excavating in Ellington, NY has been the primary excavating contractor involved with a significant number of projects over the years. Our excavating contractors have built pools and dams, cleared land, and handled earthmoving for high-profile commercial construction projects and for residential customers. 
Our clients indicate a significant level of satisfaction with our reliability and efficiency, and with our ability to work seamlessly with other contractors and project management we're the excavating contractor you'll want to hire today!
We work to your timelines, and always stay on budget.
We offer free estimates/bids for any project, no matter how big or how small.
Excavating contractor on location in Ellington, NY


Doug Rice Excavating is your first-choice for an excavating contractor in Ellington. From small residential re-model projects to large-scale commercial sites, our focus is to ensure your job requirements are clearly understood. 
We offer a complete range of residential and commercial excavation services such as:
  • Site work 
  • Asphalt paving 
  • Land clearing
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you'd like to arrange an estimate. 
Excavating contractor on-site Ellington, NY


Doug Rice Excavating is the excavating contractor of choice for larger commercial projects. We can handle long-term projects and more intensive jobs such as large-scale property developments, commercial building construction, and land-clearing for government agencies or businesses. 
We offer a wide range of services such as houses, buildings, concrete, tree removal, parking lots, and other demolition and excavating services to meet the needs of your most demanding projects.
Whatever your project, we can design an approach that is effective, safe, on-budget, and that suits you and your other contractors. 
Excavating contractor and soil disposal in Ellington, NY

Eco-friendly disposal

Doug Rice Excavating's bobcats, excavators, and tipper trucks are perfect for all types of disposal. The construction industry generates dust and pollution, and we make every effort to minimize the impact on the environment. We have an aggressive recycling and green salvage policy in place, and are eco-friendly whenever possible.
Whether you're clearing land, demolishing an existing building, or simply require disposal, we can clear away your worksite in no time at all. We ensure that all recyclable materials are dealt with appropriately, and practice completely environmentally sound techniques. Our environment is a priority for our Ellington-based team. 
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